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Which is Broken, the Government or the People?
By JR Dieckmann

This is starting out to be a most interesting election year. While Republican candidates are telling us that government is broken and the people need to fix it, Democrat candidates are telling us that the people are broken and need the government to fix it.

What is interesting about this campaign year is that on the Republican side we have a variety of candidates who are all bobbing up and down like the oil in a lava lamp. One floats to the top using conservative rhetoric then sinks to the bottom while another floats to the top with the same conservative appeal. Each one who reaches the top then sinks when their true record is exposed. It’s driving the media and the pollsters crazy which only adds to their lack of credibility.

On the Democrat side there are three candidates who can only be described as rank amateurs with no qualifications at all for the job of president and a lot of Democrats recognize this. We have a do-nothing Senator and wife of a former president, a black inspirational speaker in his first Senate term, and a trial lawyer adept at extorting money from big business and the healthcare system. Not one of them has any management or executive experience but think they can somehow run America.

Mrs. Clinton thinks it “takes a village to raise a child” because parents alone are incapable of doing the job that parents have done for thousands of years. Those same parents are also incapable of providing healthcare and schooling for those children. Men are sexists and need to be more like women and taxes need to be raised to provide a free ride for the poor and services for the middle class because they just can’t do it on their own. Government should play nanny to the American people because they‘re all just children unable to take care of themselves.

She claims her experience on being married and possibly, on occasions, being one of the women who slept with the former president. In spite of the fact that she never was issued a security clearance or attended any classified meetings during those years, she refuses to release her records to show just what she did do. All we really know, from her own admission is that she didn’t stay home and bake cookies.

Barack Obama says he stands for change. He is a terrific inspirational speaker. He would make an excellent minister but not a president. He fires his crowds up and excites them with platitudes and generalities and "hope" while saying absolutely nothing. Jim Jones of the People's Temple had the same quality and look what he did with it in Guyana.

Obama says he is the one candidate who can unite the country. I’m sure Jessie Jackson cringes every time he hears that. Who wants to unite with those of an opposite political philosophy? Liberals don’t. Conservatives don’t. And any compromise between the two only moves the country further to the left. If elected, Obama will use the power of government and government programs to try change the way people think. The real change that is needed is to get the government to start thinking like the people think.

Today, Obama is delivering a speech in a black Nevada church. I thought Democrats believed in a “separation of church and state.” So why is Obama going to a church to deliver a speech? Shouldn’t a church lose it’s nonpartisan, tax exempt status when it becomes partisan and endorses a political candidate? It seems that it is only black churches that get away with this. What would the backlash be if a Republican candidate delivered a speech in a white Catholic church? I’ve never heard of this being done.

John Edwards says that the problem is corporate America and if elected, he will use his experience in suing businesses to bring America’s big corporations under more government control. Specifically on his agenda is America’s oil and energy companies. No doubt he would also like to launch his attacks against the America auto industry too but government regulations have already pretty much destroyed them and the jobs they provided.

Attacking America’s healthcare providers wasn’t enough for Edwards. Now, as presidential hopeful, he wants to go after oil and energy companies to promote his “green” global warming agenda before the public discovers that warming has peaked and has been falling for the past 6 years. What Americans want isn’t important to Democrats like Edwards, you are going to get environmentally friendly “green” cars that will attempt to run on food instead of oil, and windmills to power your homes whether you like it or not. As I recall, Hugo Chavez is doing the same thing with his government takeover of oil and energy companies in Venezuela; we call it communism.

The point is that these three leading Democrat candidates all intend to use the power of government to change the people rather than to represent the people. In their view, it’s the people who are broken and need to be fixed by government. By some magical transformation when elected, suddenly politicians know more about everything than the industry experts who have devoted their lives to making a better living standard for Americans.

On the other hand, the Republican candidates give more credit to the American people for being able to run their own lives while government should be smaller and more representative of the people. All except for one, Mike Huckabee.

During the debate last Thursday night, Huckabee astounded the conservative audience with the following statement:

The Reagan coalition has certainly not seen those same middle-class, working-class Republicans feeling a part of the Republican Party as they should. Over the years, sometimes Republicans have thought that one part of that coalition was more important than the other. I think they're all important, and we need to recapture them. But we need to make sure that we can communicate that our party is just as interested in helping the people who are single moms, who are working two jobs, and still just barely paying the rent; as we are the people at the top of the economy.

Did we hear that right? Straight from Mike Huckabee's own mouth, we heard him sounding more like a liberal Democrat than a Republican, suggesting that government programs are needed to assist the poor unmarried, working moms who require a village to raise their children. Huckabee appears to be taking his cues straight from the Democrats instead of pointing out that by observing conservative, moral values and personal responsibility, we would not be having an outbreak of 18 year old single moms working two jobs to pay the rent. He wants to put the government stamp of approval on immoral promiscuity and use the taxpayers’ money to subsidize it.

Fred Thompson came on strong Thursday night with the real debut of his campaign. Fred, the only true conservative other than Duncan Hunter, said this about Huckabee:

He believes we have an arrogant foreign policy in the tradition of blame-America first. He believes that Guantanamo should be closed down and those enemy combatants brought here to the United States to find their way into the court system eventually. He believes in taxpayer funded programs for illegals, as he did in Arkansas. He has the endorsement of the National Education Association, and the NEA said it was because of his opposition to vouchers. He said he would sign a bill that banned smoking nationwide. So much for federalism, so much for state's rights, so much for individual rights. That's not the model of the Reagan coalition. That's the model of the Democratic Party.

Fred came out of the gate firing on all eight cylinders and with both barrels aimed straight at Mike Huckabee. Sooner or later, he is going to have to take on John McCain which he has so far avoided doing because of their friendship. Fred is no doubt hoping that the other candidates will attack McCain and bring him down without his help.

McCain too has been trying to sound like a conservative but his record in the Senate proves otherwise. He has lead just about every effort to oppose conservatives and side with the Democrats on everything from campaign reform, to illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals, to his gang of 14 used to block President Bush’s nominations to the courts. Just like Obama, McCain thought he could unite liberals and conservatives by reaching across the aisle but only succeeded in alienating the conservative base.

McCain claims to be the only candidate who supported “The Surge” in Iraq when it was first introduced. This is highly debatable but in fact McCain was not the first to call for this strategy. Many, many conservatives were demanding this change long before McCain ever brought it up. I even wrote about it myself in an article called A Politically Correct War Cannot Be Won back in November of 2004 where I said in part:

"I don't care about the image we send to the world. We can't fight a war with our image as the objective. In this war we have to be as brutal and deadly as the enemy we are fighting and let the image be what it may. What kind of a message does it send to the enemy when we are more concerned with our image than with killing them? They already know this about us and have been using it against us since this war started. To the enemy, this is a weakness to be exploited both on the battlefield and in the press."

John McCain’s only real appeal to conservatives is his support for the war on terror but he was not the engineer of it as he would like us all to believe.

Fred Thompson has been employing a strategy of laying low and not wasting his campaign money on small states like Iowa and New Hampshire where liberals had a better chance of winning. Now he has come out fighting and I predict it’s going to produce results beginning with the primaries in South Carolina. The media polls say McCain will likely win in S.C. but I don’t believe it. We would be foolish to believe in any media polls at this point. Fred captured second place in the Wyoming primary but I’ll bet you didn’t even hear about it in the media. And by the way, Duncan Hunter took third.

Fred Thompson seems to be the only top candidate who not only talks like a conservative, but actually is one. He believes that big government is the problem with the country today, not the people. Thompson says it’s the government that needs to be fixed and the people drafted him through a grassroots campaign to do just that. He wouldn’t have taken the challenge if he didn’t have a plan and believe that he can do it.

Fred has faith in the American people and believes that they are fully capable of taking care of themselves like adults without relying on big government to provide for them and treat them like children.

That is the big difference between Democrats and Republicans. With self reliance and taking personal responsibility comes freedom and liberty. Conservatives understand this. Liberals want to be taken care of by big government but don’t seem to understand that by doing so, they sacrifice their freedom and liberty and become the wholly owned property of the federal government and the Democrat Party. By their own choice, they become political slaves to their masters in Washington.

For the past 40 years, the Democrat Party has been doing everything it can to dumb down Americans, convince them that they are incapable of taking care of themselves, and make them dependent on big federal government. Unfortunately, they have succeeded enough to the extent that they are still a viable political party.

By controlling the schools, the courts, and the media, they have misled Americans away from the founding principles of democracy and directly into socialism and communism. Most young Americans today don’t even know what liberty means because they have been taught that government is there to take care of them. They don’t realize the freedom that America was founded for because they have been told that Europe is the model that America should strive for.

This trend will continue unless we elect a real conservative to serve as president for the next 8 years. A president who understands the difference between America and Europe; a president who understands the freedom and liberty that has been lost in America; a president who won’t give into wasteful, liberal government spending and nanny state socialist programs; a president who will hold congress responsible for doing the job outlined in the Constitution instead of pandering with taxpayers’ money for reelection; and a president who will enforce a foreign policy that puts American interests and defense first rather than worry so much about what Europe and Islamic countries think of us.

There is only one candidate other than Duncan Hunter that I see with those qualities, who can put America back on the right track, and that candidate is Fred Thompson. Our future and the future of our country depends now on electing the right man for the job in this most critical period in our history. These primary elections and the vote in November will determine whether America again becomes the shining beacon on the hill, or sinks into European style socialism.

It’s up to those of us who understand what kind of country we want to do the right thing and elect the right candidate for president.